Smoky Quartz Tumbled Pocket Stone #smokyquartz
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Smoky Quartz Tumbled Pocket Stone #smokyquartz

Smoky Quartz Tumbled Pocket Stone

SMOKY QUARTZ KEY WORDS: GROUNDING, PROTECTION, MOOD LIFTINGSmoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises vibrations during meditation. It teaches you to leave behind anything that no longer serves you and helps you to move forward in life.Smoky Quartz relives fear, lifts depression, and brings emotional calmness. When it comes into contact with negative emotions, it gently dissolves them.SMOKY QUARTZ AFFIRMATION: My spirit is grounded deep in the Earth. I am able to let go of fear and move forward knowing the universe will always provide for me.Ways to use your tumbled crystals:Meditate with your stones. Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energyCarry it with you. Hold it or slip it into your pocket / purseFeng shui in your homeCreate a crystal gridYou will receive 1 tumbled Smoky Quartz stone and a meaning card.Approximate size: 1" **Please understand the above description is not a promise to cure ailments. Points of the description have been taken from my favorite crystal books and online resources.**


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